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stylomy relying on the Chinese fashion capital of Humen's geographical and resource advantages, real-time capture cutting-edge elements of the trend, with a number of manufacturers to establish a close partnership. Today is still the same emphasis on quality and service, but the team more and more to grow, because that many loyal customers continue to support me, but also get their inclusion and affirmation. Harmonious operation, the wholesale responsibility. At the same time I also participated in the clothing market survey and design, in the trend of society and wearing style we have integrated into a variety of gold. We are willing to create for the market, but also hope that the trend of greater social spread. Companies adhere to the "international brands, tree international fashion trend" concept, to increase the market information research, information technology projects, scientific management, and through the international ISO9001 quality certification system. The company spends no expense on the VI image, development and design, personnel training, e-commerce, logistics support, the company network of a large number of fashion professionals, to ensure the company's sustainable development. Companies in the "start from the terminal," the spirit of service, establish a good brand in the minds of consumers image, the implementation of real-time management and analysis of the shop to speed up the market to reflect the speed of the franchisee to maximize profits. The future of the company through the Group of management, the diversified direction of the relevant industries, so that our company has become a domestic market-class agents Customer Service - Contact us Email : service@stylomy.com Pre-sales/Suggestion/Order:service@stylomy.com Call us by Phone: +81 0345208971 Phone Reception Hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday to Friday Tokyo Time(GMT +8).